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About Us


The Victoria Magathan School community will work together to meet students’ academic needs while nurturing and developing the physical, emotional, and ethical capacities of each child.

Writing Focus

Victoria Magathan is a Dual Immersion school. In addition to this focus, we will concentrate on building a writing focus school wide.  Victoria Magathan staff will look at the Common Core writing standards, rubrics, and writing prompts. These will be aligned at each grade level to include strategies, formats, and graphic organizers.  We will have a monthly focus and writing contests to motivate our students to improve their writing. Our culminating activity will be the District Young Authors Celebration at the end of the year.

Accelerated Reader

We encourage our students to enjoy reading.  Students are given reading goals for each trimester.  They get an award at the awards assembly if they meet their goal. In addition to this, they get to purchase items at our AR Store with their AR Points each trimester.  Encourage your child to read for pleasure and establish a reading routine at home.

Program Goals and Objectives: Our Vision

  1. To promote academic success, safety, and security for all students.
  2. To foster a sense of community and family among all students.
  3. To appreciate and understand our diversity and unique talents.
  4. To enrich the life of each student.
  5. To strive for excellence in all areas: academic, physical, emotional, and ethical.
  6. To use “best practices” for teaching, learning, and leading.
  7. To be a resource for the community that we serve.
  8. To encourage parents’ active participation in their children’s education.
  9. To invite community leaders to share leadership expertise with students.

Safe Schools Ambassador

We participate in the Safe Schools Ambassador program where students are trained to observe and intervene if they see problems arise. Students are trained annually and they work with a program leader who is a member of our staff or community. This program is research based and designed to decrease bullying and enhance the school climate.


Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports is a system that promotes positive behaviors school wide. We have a PBIS team in place that will work with our Safe School Ambassadors and staff to create a positive climate school wide.  We focus on three basic expectations which are: Be safe, be responsible, and be respectful.  Students are explicitly taught behavior expectations in all areas of the school.  We reward good behavior through our blue tickets which will be used to buy items at out Roar Store.